Permits and Applications

Burning Permit Required for all open burning within the township
Campfire Permit Requirements for having a campfire
Agricultural Zoning Permit

Required for all buildings/additions directly associated with a farm operation and farm production

Building and Zoning Permit Required for all non-farm structures including commercial, new homes, additions, accessory buildings and residential decks
Zoning Permit Required for all accessory buildings less than 200 square feet
Business Use Permit Required for all new businesses locating in the township.
Land Division Application

Boundary Ajustment Application
Approval is required for all land splits less than 40 acres in size

Application to adjust boundaries
Re-zoning Application All proposed changes in zoning classification require application to the Planning Commission for consideration
Sign Permit All signs erected in the township must conform to the Sign Ordinance and be approved by the Township Board
Special Use Permit Some uses within zoning classifications are provided for by Special Use Permit allowing for practical latitude for landowners. The landowner makes application to the Planning Commission for consideration.
Variance Application If a landowner believes there is an error in any order, requirement, permit or decision by the Zoning Administrator or by any other body, an application for a Variance may be made to the Zoning Board of Appeals for consideration.

Cemetery Fees

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Burial lots are available for township residents

Township Hall Rental Agreement

The Alaiedon Township Hall and ball field are available for use by township residents.
Election Inspector Application Anyone working at an election must complete this application.
Fee Schedule Fees for various township permits, activities, etc